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Freitag: End of Days the 1rst
1.3.06 23:37

Improvement of writing skills

Well, how to improve your writing skill in English? It has surely a connection to your general writing skill! If your written text in German is bad, it will undoubtedly influence your english written language! But isn't there a difference between two languages? Can you just improve your English and still staying bad in other languages?

Hmm a good question... But the problem is, that I don't know, how to improve it except to write, read or have some conversations in English and so I will try to philosophise a little bit about a topic in life, only with the aim of improving my English!

Well, what about human being? It should be absolutely correct, if I say, that our species is one of the most complex ones in our known universe! Every individual is also a complex for itself, so it is worth to analyse the behaviour between people relating to several situations! The difficulty is that we can't generalize these behaviours, because it is only based on a single example! And what about ten examples of the same situation with the same result? May we generalize now?

Hmm with this conflict, there comes an important question to me: may I call my book (Affect or Rationality? - An anthropological attitude survey) a guide for common human behaviour? I would say no, because there are only single moments in life, which I picked out and wrote them down for my book! It is a proof, that people with the described traits of character could act in that way and why they do so, but I can't evidence that they will always react in that way!

But hey, it is not my book's intention to demonstrate common human behaviour, but the affection of their doing and why they act in that manner!

So, at first sight, there is no conflict between my book's ambition and the problem of generalize human conduct! But what about generalize causes for the variable human behaviours? Would every person act in a certain way, when they have same intentions, but are influence by different aspects like characteristic or social surroundings? The suggestive answer will be "no" and this leads us straight back to the individuality of human being!

The cause for human behaviour, an interesting topic, isn't it? =) And my actual aim was just to improve my English a little bit!
5.3.06 20:40

Schwierig schwierig...

Ouh man! ist das eine Fügung des Schicksals? sollte ich die omen deuten oder deute ich diese nur falsch? das kann doch kein zufall sein! dafür sind es viel zu viele gemeinsamkeiten...

searching for answers...
12.3.06 22:58


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